• Young Engineers - Build Your Tomorrow. Today.

  • Children’s games are significant; They have a tremendous role shaping the child’s life.

  • For the parents it’s an enrichment program-for the children it’s a game

About Us

We are excited to offer e² Young Engineers programs to the KW Metropolitan area! e² Young Engineers programs include after-school and weekend classes, summer camps, birthday parties, and more! Young Engineers is a global education company which uses LEGO® building blocks to introduce children to theoretical and practical aspects in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Our Mission:

Make students cultivate a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), by encouraging them to be great problem solvers, excellent team players, and creative innovators, while having fun through hands-on 21st century learning methodologies!

About the Owners:

Hey Parents, remember the time when we were students ourselves? Didn’t we always learn best when the teacher was running the class in a fun and entertaining fashion? Aren’t we still keeping some of those tough science quizzes, because of the fun way they were taught? This is pretty much all about the e2 Young Engineers.

My wife, Mrs. Lego and myself, Mr. Lego, as our students call us, are passionate about teaching. My background is engineering, and my wife has her undergrad degree in clinical psychology.

Truly Yours
Raymond and Fay